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Mission Statement

It is the mission of St. John’s Episcopal School to graduate students who are ‎academically prepared, sound in character, and of enduring faith.

Academics - A Challenging Academic Experience

• Students engage in fulfilling intellectual, moral, and civic challenges, mindful of the evolving and ever-changing world.
• We teach students ten Traits for Success: Organization, Attentiveness, Courage, Faith, Persistence, Flexibility, Positive Attitude, Generosity, and Responsibility.
• We teach students how to gather information and creatively synthesize the information into supportable conclusions or novel insights, an ability that will serve them well in whatever future they encounter.
• Teachers work closely with all students, to maximize each one’s use of their full potential.
• We embrace the need for personal growth and challenge each student by engaging in community experiences, encouraging intellectual curiosity, fostering self-discipline, and developing a strong work ethic, study habits, and organizational skills.

Character - A Foundation of Kindness, Honesty, Respect, and Compassion

• Our community of inspired students, teachers, and parents is deeply connected and valued at St. John’s. Meaningful partnerships grow based on dialogue, cooperation, and mutual respect. We celebrate diverse skills, talents, and backgrounds.
• Our 1-to-1 technology environment teaches students the fundamentals of digital citizenship and safety.
• We incorporate the need for individual growth with the responsibility of citizenship and community service through many outreach programs.
• Individuals contribute to create a warm, inviting, and caring community.

Faith - A Cornerstone of Life

• We are committed to Episcopal values and the development of moral character.
• We are devoted to our Episcopal identity and to our role as an outreach of St. John’s Episcopal Church.
• As an Episcopal school, we welcome and affirm people of all faiths and backgrounds by accentuating the common elements of our personal, spiritual, and communal growth. We strive to respect the dignity of every human being.