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The arts serve a two-fold purpose in education; academic and aesthetic. Students gain a foundational academic understanding of arts through general instruction and, when appropriate, focused on creating and performing opportunities. Students also study the arts to provide an opportunity for social-emotional connections to the general academic subject matter as well as to create an outlet for artistic expression. Intentional arts instruction is fundamental to a well-balanced education.

Global Citizens

The students of St. John’s will experience and gain an understanding of the role of the Arts throughout the world through the acquisition of artistic vocabulary and skills, the exposure to a diverse range of artistic mediums, and artistic performance participation and attendance.


The visual and performing arts program of STJES provides a broad spectrum of learning, performing, and appreciation experiences encompassing visual art, drama, instrumental and choral music, movement, and audio/visual production. Students in Kindergarten through Grade 4 gain foundational instruction in art, music, movement, and drama. Students in Grades 5-8 received specialized instruction on a rotational basis in art, music, drama, and video production while having the opportunity to create and perform at high levels through band, private instrumental lessons, and chamber chorus. Arts instruction is also genuinely connected to the general academic subjects through collaborative projects, cross-discipline experience.